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Need to plan a vacation but simply cannot find the time to research locations, accommodation and prices, not to mention putting together an itinerary that will keep everyone happy? Let us plan it for you so that you can simply look forward to some well-deserved rest and relaxation.


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Hate organising but enjoy a neat and tidy space allowing you to find items with ease? Our team can sort and organise your space so that you don’t have to!


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Taking time off work to pick up your licence disc or a passport can be a real pain, especially with all those deadlines you need to meet. So why not save up those leave days for a real deserved break and let our team save you the hassle of parking and queueing by dropping off your documentation at your door.


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Shopping takes time and can be frustrating from the get go, so why not let one of our professionals take care of it for you. Whether it be finding the perfect gift, picking up groceries or exchanging something, with our team you can consider it done.


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Somehow there always seems to be personal admin piling up that you just don’t get around to or your up and coming business does not currently have the budget to employ someone full time to manage this workload, this is where our highly professional and qualified team can come in and handle it for you.


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Upgrading to new technology can be as frustrating as working with slow technology, save yourself the hassle and upgrade with ease. One of our team members can get your devices set up in a jiffy.


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Ever forgotten a birthday or anniversary? Not anymore – our team will set up reminders for all those important dates as well as prepare gift and date ideas. From start to finish we will order flowers for delivery to dinner reservations and even a romantic weekend away. Be sure to bedazzle.


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Coordinating your calendar for business trips jam-packed with meetings can be torturous, but our team can make sure everything runs smoothly by handling all your bookings and planning. We can book flights, car rentals, hotels and business meetings on your behalf and even work out a day-to-day schedule to make sure you find time to do all you need to. Welcome to the world of stress-free business travel!


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We can help you leverage Agile CRM (a brilliant customer relationship management system) to improve client engagement, automate simple tasks and engage with your clients more effectively. We can also help you create a social media strategy, taking your business into the future with social media alerts, lead generation and social brand activation.

Best money I've ever spent!
Uwe Weiss
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They took care of my overdue car licence in a heartbeat! I'll definitely use them again.
Johann de Swardt

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